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I write Blogs regarding different IT technologies that I come across as part of my job as a Software Engineer.

List of Technologies

Hi, I’m Jones Joseph Alapat

I Am A Software Engineer & I Write Tech blogs

I have around 7 years of experience in the IT industry majorly working as a Java Backend Engineer in India. I have worked in three IT companies with experience working with global teams, and large websites. I graduated from the University of Calicut with an Engineering degree in 2013.


Java is one of the most famous backend languages and is been around for 25+ years. Java has very high Industry acceptance and hence numerous job opportunities exist for Java experts.


Large Java Backend websites are unimaginable without Spring. Has helped Engineers create backend websites Easily. There exists a huge ecosystem that Spring supports, and any use case you can think of would have already been implemented in the Spring ecosystem.

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Every company is fast-moving to the cloud and changing its CI-CD plans. This shift was facilitated due to technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and many IAAS providers like AWS, Azure. I will try to cover some topics in this realm as this too is in high demand.


Front-end with Angular is widely used in industry, and Angular is easy to learn who has an Object-Oriented language background.

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