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Big O

Introduction Big O is the metric used to describe the efficiency of algorithms and refers to the worst case for the algorithm. Time Complexity: An amount of time required to complete an algorithm.Space Complexity: An amount of space required by an algorithm. Factors for Time Complexity Scenarios 1) N Runtimes Example -: Find the sum …

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Design Patterns

A design pattern is a general reusable solution to the commonly occurring problems within a given context. Programmers often encounter the same problem repeatedly. Instead of everyone solving in their own way, the industry has come up with a best-practice solution that has been documented and proven to work. Design patterns are divided into following …

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Sorting And Searching

Introduction Understanding the common sorting and searching algorithms is incredibly valuable, as many sortings and searching problems are tweaks of the well-known algorithms. Two factors influence greatly, ie space and time complexity. Common Sorting Algorithms Selection Sort This is one of the easy algorithms, find the smallest element using a linear scan and move it …

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