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About Me.

I graduated in 2013 with an Electronics Engineering degree, further I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing from CDAC. I joined my First Company in 2014 and have been working all along. I have worked in 3 projects as Backend developer. I’m passionate about Computer science and love spending time learning new things in world of programming.

My Story

I Am a Software Engineer & I Write for making software Learning Easy.

Experienced Backend Cloud Developer with 7 years experience work. I believe that creating or fixing code is all about solving problems.
Java(certified) | Spring | SpringBoot | Spring cloud | Angular | AWS(certified) | MYSQL | Microservices | UI Automation | JUnits | Scala | Mongo |

Expertise working in Web Application Development using Java, Spring, Spring-Boot & Hibernate.

Have tried to work everything software in my projects and be a DevOps Engineer, Have Good Experience in AWS Services, Docker, CI-CD, Jenkins, Release Process & Git.

Experience working in MiddleTier Applications like RabbitMQ, SQS-SNS & Apache Camel.

Experience in Different DB Technologies like MYSQL, MS-SQL, MongoDB & DynamoDB.

Have Experience in Writing Selenium UI Tests using Scala, JUnit, & Integration Tests.

Good Knowledge in Angular, TypeScript, Javascript, Express, Scala
& Node.

Good Knowledge on Spring Cloud & Microservices.

Experience in Tools like Jira, Confluence, Grafana, Kibana & Splunk.

4+ Years Experience working in Travel Domain.

Technologies I write about

Willing to write a blog?

If you like to contribute, please let me know and we can work on publishing that in the website.

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