Java, Python & JavaScript

Code Syntax Function JAVA PYTHON JAVASCRIPT Data Types int number = 10;String name = “Jones”;float perc = 85.5f num = 10name = ‘Jones’percentage = 85.5 var num = 10;const name = ‘Jones’;let percentage = 85.5; Operators int sum = a + b;int div = a / b;int mul = a * b; sum = a …

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Unit, Integration, & Performance Testing

Unit Testing •Unit testing means testing individual modules of an application in isolation (without any interaction with dependencies) to confirm that the code is doing things right. This type of testing is executed by the developers Annotations Jacaco TestDoubles @Mock, @Spy, @Stub, & @InjectMocks and @Captor Mock Spy A spy is kind of a hybrid between …

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Getting started with Express

Introduction Express was developed by independent developers Installation Step1:Create your node app Give a name to your app and skip the rest of the values to get your first node project npm init Step2: Add some utilities sudo npm install -g nodemon yarn Step3: Create an express project using yarn package manager yarn add express …

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