SpringBoot with AWS EC2, S3, and PostgreSQL

Introduction In this blog post, we’ll develop a Spring Boot application that is destined for deployment on AWS. The application will establish connections with both the S3 service and an Amazon Managed PostgreSQL database. The project adheres to best practices, ensuring that no credentials are stored in the code. Instead, IAM Roles are employed for …

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PostgreSQL with SpringBoot

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL stands out as a sophisticated and enterprise-grade open-source relational database, offering robust support for both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) queries. This well-established database management system has earned its reputation for stability through over two decades of community-driven development. This collaborative approach has played a pivotal role in ensuring its remarkable resilience, data …

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SpringBoot JPA, H2 & Liquibase

JPA As a specification, the Jakarta Persistence API (formerly Java Persistence API) is concerned with persistence, which loosely means any mechanism by which Java objects outlive the application process that created them. The JPA specification lets you define which objects should be persisted, and how they are persisted in your Java applications. while JPA was originally intended for use with relational databases, …

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Springing Java Apps: Servlet and Reactive Ways

Spring Origins Spring is open source and has large community support due to its widespread acceptance. The first version was written by Rod Johnson and was released with an Apache license in 2003. Spring Source was the company founded by founders, which later got purchased by VMWare in 2008. As per Wikipedia, In April 2013, …

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Logging and Monitoring in Spring-Boot

Introduction What is the need for Logging and Monitoring? The response varies depending on who we ask this question, A newbie developer might brush it away as a waste of time, while a middle-level Engineer would agree that it is needed only when we need to debug an issue, whereas seasoned Engineer values Logging and …

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Various Scheduling technique for Java Spring Application

Introduction Spring provides support for both task scheduling and asynchronous method execution we will check different ways this can be achieved. Spring schedular with any Instant time Spring Schedular with CronTrigger Spring schedular using Annotation When your app runs on multiple instances then Spring could not handle the synchronization of different instances, this is where …

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Spring Retry

Retry is an important tool in our arsenal to make robust and efficient APIs, it helps us to automatically reinvoke a failed operation. This is because sometimes due to network glitches or DB errors, the call fails for the first time however succeeds next time. We can do retry using annotations, and RetryTemplate. Spring Retry …

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